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Diving in Hurghada
Dive courses for beginner and experienced divers

Hurghada, the place in Egypt for a wonderful holiday. With its many hours of sunshine and beautifull beaches, it’s not only an amazing location for a relaxing beach holiday: Hurghada is absolutely perfect for diving. This is why we located our dive center in Hurghada, by the Red Sea. Thousands of exotic fish, turtles, whalesharks, dolphins, coral reefs: The Red Sea in Hurghada is home to all of these amazing under
water creatures. With Seagate Hurghada Diving, you can explore this amazing underwaterworld in a safe and professional way. No experience with diving in
Hurghada is no problem. Seagate Hurghada Diving will give you an experience you will never forget, for both beginners and experienced divers.

Why choose Seagate Hurghada Diving

  • PADI & CMAS certified and aknowledged diveschool
  • Safe & over 20 years of experience
  • Personal guidance
  • Multi lingual, including Dutch
  • Customer focussed
  • No experience needed. Perfect for beginners and experienced divers
Seagate Hurghada Diving - Padi

Safety comes first with Seagate Hurghada Diving

The instuctors of Seagate Hurghada Diving are not only there to show you the most amazing spots in the Red Sea. They will also teach you the ropes of safe diving. Diving is all about exploring, having fun and enjoying yourself. But most important: it needs to be safe. Seagate Hurghada Diving pays a lot of attention to the safety and quality of diving in the Red Sea in Hurghada. We separate ourselves by maintaining a high standard of dive equipment, personal attention to our students and guests and acting in a responsible way ragarding both you and nature. Our instructors and dive guides at Seagate Hurghada Diving are PADI or CMAS certified and highly experienced. With them you are in perfectly good hands to fully enjoy your diving adventure in the Red Sea. All our services are accordinging to the european regulations. Contact us here if you have any questions.

Seagate Hurghada Diving Red Sea Egypt

This is Seagate Hurghada Diving – Diving the Red Sea with a Dutch Dive Center in Hurghada

Khaled Bijou and Marieke Schippers welcome you to Hurghada, Egypt. They are the faces behind Seagate Hurghada Diving. With their aknowledged
divecenter they are specialized in providing divecourses and divetrips. Khaled grew up in his fathers divecenter. Since the age of 10 you could find him more under water than above. Khaled shows his passion for diving in the way he teaches his students: with accurance, strict but just, enthousiastic and most of all with passion. Marieke is also an experienced and professional diver. Marieke is born in Holland and moved to Egypt to follow her heart. She is the ‘go to’ person for all our guests and students. Khaled and Marieke do what they love most: show (new) divers the wonders of the Red Sea and transfer their
passion on to everyone they meet.

Seagate Hurghada Diving - Red Sea - Egypt